August 16: Interstellar Regions in Bloomington, Indiana!

An incredible assemblage of personalities joined me on August 16 to celebrate and reinvestigate John Coltrane's late music (ca. 1965-1967) for the Call & Response series in Bloomington, Indiana at the Blockhouse Bar. I was very fortunate and gratified to perform once more these seminal works of improvised music with Kyle Quass (trumpet), Max Kutner (guitar), Enrique Haneine (piano), Adam Minkoff (bass), Kevin Cheli (drums), and Rocky Martin (drums)!

Live at The Blockhouse in Bloomington, Indiana

Interstellar Regions

The Blockhouse Bar
Call & Response Series hosted by trumpeter John Raymond
7:30pm and 9pm sets
August 16, 2023

Interstellar Regions is an ensemble that performs electroacoustic versions of the late music of John Coltrane (1965-1967 with additional material sometimes included).
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Individuation at Rockwood Music Hall, July 16

Out now! Don't Mess With Lurch Purse (Mother Brain Records)

Kansas City-based Mother Brain Records presents the debut studio album of Lurch Purse, a free improvised trio with Max Kutner (guitar), Kevin Shea (drums), and Michael Eaton (tenor saxophone). Initially conceived by Kutner as a one-time live encounter at New York’s Downtown Music Gallery, the trio discovered it moved with bursts of flowing intensities, surging along incendiary improvised waves. Engineered in pristine audio by the great Bob Stander, DMWLP features dazzling cover art by Michael Hafftka. This is one of my finest releases to date! Mother Brain Records is a Kansas City, MO based label specializing in free improvisation, electronic music, new music, and hybrid genres. It cultivates the work and culture of artists and composers from the Midwest and beyond.

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