Beyond Group, Eaton/Stander/Bales Trio

iBeam, 168 7th St, Brooklyn, NY 11215

Beyond Group, 7:30pm Cheryl Pyle - flutes Michael Eaton - soprano sax TBA

Eaton/Stander/Bales, 8:30pm Michael Eaton - tenor sax Bob Stander - guitar, FX Carter Bales - drums

December 12, Rockwood 3: Individuation + Tim Hagans!

Individuation played its final concert of 2018 on December 12 at Rockwood Music Hall Stage 3 with special guest, master trumpeter and composer Tim Hagans.  Having long heard Hagans' work on Blue Note, Pirouet, Steeplechase, Double Time, and elsewhere with some of my favorite musicians, it was a great pleasure and honor to hear his ideas and sound in the context of the my music.  We performed compositions recorded on Individuation (2014) and the upcoming Dialogical (2019).  Big fun!

Beyond Group, Tompkins Square Library, December 8, 2018

A great gig with Cheryl Pyle's Beyond Group, with Cheryl (C flute, alto flute), Jamie Baum (alto flute), Gene Coleman (piccolo, bass flute), Michael Eaton (soprano sax), and Claire de Brunner (bassoon).

Album 2: Dialogical, coming March 2019

My next full length album, Dialogical, was recorded on April 27 and 28, 2016 at The Bunker and May 27, 2016 at Sear Sound.  It will be released May 3, 2019 on Destiny Records

The Individuation Quartet was joined by Brittany Anjou  on vibraphone and gyil, as well as Cheryl Pyle on flute, Jon Crowley on trumpet, Sean Sonderegger (Skirl Records) on tenor saxophone, James Brandon Lewis (BNS Sessions) on tenor saxophone, Sarah Mullins on marimba and triangles, Enrique Haneine on udu drum, and Dorian Wallace on piano.

The Sear Sound session featured a very special guest, the great Lionel Loueke (Blue Note Records) on guitar and vocals.  Unified by the concept of dialogism as a plurality of selves, worlds, and styles, the music is a mix of contemporary mixed meter jazz compositions, free improvisations, and a new totally notated minimalist chamber work.  It features encounters with personalities across the improvised music spectrum.  

Rest in Peace, Bern Nix (September 21, 1947 - May 31, 2017)

Owl Parlor, Brooklyn - June 2 - Individuation + Brittany Anjou's BEWAA with guest Alfred Kbepsaane!

Ammocake at Brooklyn Studio of Dance

Three Tenors at Rockwood

2017 Midwest Minitour

Scott Yanow reviews Individuation

Doyle Bramhall II's "Rich Man" is November 2016 Downbeat Magazine Editor's Pick

Spectrum NYC, 11/5: Tenth Intervention + Beyond Quintet Double Bill!

Sunday, October 16 - Doyle Bramhall II at Bowery Ballroom

Tenth Intervention at The Greene Space - 40th Anniversary of the Golden Record!

September 30: Doyle Bramhall II's "Rich Man" is released

Grupo Rebolu plays "Llorando" for Congahead.com!

New York Times review for David Kulma/Dorian Wallace "The Rest is Sh*t: Stories from the Microchasm" video opera


Weekend in Indiana: Reflections on Barry Ashton Jazz Festival 2016 and Kyle Quass' Special Guests

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